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Here at Sea Kayaking Adventures NZ, we make sure that we are committed to your protecting all of your privacy, and we acknowledge that you may have issues with putting your information on this site. We make sure that we do not take your information and abuse it, and we will continue to offer you the service we wish to have for ourselves.


Cookies are placed on your hard drive of your computer by your browser, and cookies allow websites to remember you, so that when you visit a site, it appears much, much faster. Therefore, when it comes to having the ease of speed, cookies help. This website uses cookies, so when you use this website, you agree to allow cookies to enter your compute.r

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We have many business relationships, and we make sure that we support those that are able to support us by displaying some of their merchandise on our page. Therefore, when you choose to work with Sea Kayaking Adventures NZ, you are also choosing to possibly support some of our partners that are kind enough to support us in our mission.


We are committed to offering you the security that we would want for ourselves. Transactions are secure, and we use encryption when collecting or transferring data such as credit card information, so the risk of fraud is reduced.