Mission Statement

The mission statement of Sea Kayaking NZ is to provide users with a guide that will truly help them with their missions and goals of becoming excellent kayakees. We, at Sea Kayaking NZ, are kayakees ourselves. We have been in this business for a while now, and we know some principles that govern kayaking. We are not into “tips and tricks” and shortcuts, because they are not reliable. They are helpful for a few and then they fall to the wayside. Because it is important that we are actually living out what we teach, we make sure that we give you the highest quality content out there in terms of kayaking experience.

Vision: Our vision is to fill the world with a quality guide about kayaking. When we searched for a guide that showed novices the ins-and-outs about kayaking, we discovered that there were not any that we were able to point to and claim as the “go-to”spot. The guides were a little helpful and give pieces of knowledge here an there; however, they were not the robust knowledge we needed to truly become experts in our craft. Therefore, we go above and beyond to make sure that we are able to truly offer the quality service that we hope to have.

Intersection for Faith and Life: For many of us, faith is something we usually push to the side, because it is not “politically correct”, or it will “hurt somebody’s feelings”. Honestly, while respectful as it may sound, God is the most important thing in our lives, regardless of kayaking. If we did not believe in helping the fellow person, we would not be helping at all. We easily were able to just make a guide for us, that would only serve us; however, that does not help you. It would be selfish. However, because we always add God to everything we do, we are very dedicated to helping others regardless of where thing go.

Everything we do at Sea Kayaking NZ is for you, the patron that always makes what we do so enjoyable. There are definitely times where we get stresssed, frustrated, and mad. However, we always redirect the energy into something positive and better serve our customers. As long as times change and the world of kayaking changes, you know that you will be able to turn to Sea Kayaking NZ, and we will go above and beyond in order to serve you. We are avid kayakees ourselves, so we will be enjoying the information that is presented on this site as much as you all, so this should be extremely fun!

We are grateful to all of you that support us, and we just want to end it off on this note: we need you all in order to keep this business alive, and we are grateful that we have such a dedicated group of followers.

Our mission statement is: Making the Kayaking Process Easier for the World. (It may change as we evolve).

With love,

Sea Kayaking NZ