Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find the most commonly asked questions that have been voiced by many of our listeners and fans. In this section, you are able to find any that others like you have thought or are able to fill out a new question that billions of others may be thinking of.

Q. How am I able to start my kayaking journey?

A. This is something that is asked a lot. Should we start with the go-to guide over here at this site and read it before we start kayaking, or should we just walk in start from there? Our answer to this is that you should read a few sections of this guide that we have on this website, so that you are able to receive the basics on what it takes to get into kayaking. This allows you to not walk into the shop blind and waste your time. It also allows you to make more of your trips to the kayaking arena. Therefore, once you get into the shop or meetup for the kayakees, then you will be able to understand a little of what they are talking about. In essence, do not walk in blind, or else they will just tell you to read up more on kayaking and watch a couple of YouTube videos about it. Instead, do some research and then walk in, and the trail will continue on from there?

Q. How much money does it take to start kayaking? 

A. The only real investment is time. You are spending time reading this guide online, and you are spending time reading articles and watching videos about it. This journey into kayaking does not need to take much money from you at all; it may actually just take time. However, for you to go deep into this kayaking business, it will cost money, just like the cost of this laptop you are reading these words, the phone that you call your parents with, and the electricity it takes for you to charge all these things. There is a cost to everything; it just depends on how much it means to you.

If you have any questions at all that you would like to put into these text boxes, so we may begin answering them, then by all means, ask us, and we will deliver. We are very excited to answer questions from out guests, because it shows that you have an inquisitive mind, and that is something we respect and admire very much.  Just send us a message, and we will be able to respond to your inquiry. If you message is something that many of our readers have, then we will write and entire topic for us all to discuss.